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Book your tickets before February 28 and you get 30% off the price

Remote and hybrid work have become popular choices in the wake of the Covid pandemic. The Polish Labour Code offers another way to make employees’ working time more flexible, i.e. the so-called flexible working hours.

Despite the ongoing war, the Ukrainian tech sector is not only showing resilience but demonstrating growth. Let's look at what happened to the Ukrainian IT industry after six months of the war.


Super Early Bird for SEETEST 2023 is now on!

First and biggest ticket discount for SEETEST 2023 – the Super Early Bird campaign!

Book your tickets before February 28 and you get 30% off the price! The discount is valid for all types of tickets and is the biggest discount you can get for this year’s edition.

2023 is the year it will be at Bucharest, Romania, again in Hybrid format – both Full Conference Hybrid and Virtual tickets are available. And welcome back lots of familiar faces, as well as first-time attendees from around the world!

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Source: SEETB