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Dozens of the biggest names in the international gaming industry met in Odessa, Ukraine on July 2nd-4th for networking, education, and fun at one of the first major live events to happen in over a year.

The Supervisory Board of Hi-Tech Park carried out a decision on registration of 65 new companies as HTP residents. More than a half of newcomers are registered in 2020-2021 that indicates active development of startups.

SEETEST is an event in the area of software testing and software quality management.

QATestLab holds a free webinar "Test Automation in Agile Development".


A unicorn in exile: PandaDoc raises Series C round after moving staff from Belarus to Ukraine, Poland

The company doesn’t disclose how much money it raised during the most recent investment round. Forbes estimates that PandaDoc’s investors, Canadian OMERS Growth Equity, the U.S. G Squared and smaller investment funds, put up to $100 million into the company.

PandaDoc has established its headquartered in San Francisco. It has teams in Portugal, Poland, the Philippines and Ukraine, with nearly 140 techies working from Kyiv, Odesa and Lviv.