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During the first quarter of 2022, the IT industry provided record-high $2 billion of export income in wartime.

Dozens of the biggest names in the international gaming industry met in Odessa, Ukraine on July 2nd-4th for networking, education, and fun at one of the first major live events to happen in over a year.

The Supervisory Board of Hi-Tech Park carried out a decision on registration of 65 new companies as HTP residents. More than a half of newcomers are registered in 2020-2021 that indicates active development of startups.

SEETEST is an event in the area of software testing and software quality management.


ISTQB Releases New Advanced Level Test Analyst and Technical Test Analyst Syllabus 2019 Exams

The International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) has announced the new 2019 Syllabus for the exams Advanced Level Test Analyst (CTAL-TA) and Technical Test Analyst (CTAL-TTA). This is big news for all exams and course providers, and of course – to everyone interested in taking the exams.

According to Alon Linetzki, part of ISTQB Marketing Working Chair Group, these two new syllabi are a direct response to market feedback and needs. Olivier Denoo, ISTQB President, adds that this major update was a result of contact with a lot of training providers and certified professionals, in order to understand their requirements and the recent market developments.

The exact differences between the old and new syllabi can be found on ISTQB’s official website.

As for training providers – partial re-accreditation for these courses will apply.

So if:

• You deliver ISTQB TA and TTA courses in English – you will have to update and accredit/re-accredit them no later than February 4 2021

• You deliver ISTQB TA and TTA courses in a non-English language – you have until August 4 2021 to update and accredit/re-accredit them.

According to Mike Smith, part of ISTQB Core Advanced and Expert Level Syllabus Working Group Chair, aligning the Core Advanced Level Syllabi with the new 2018 Foundation Level Syllabus was important and needed. He finished with the promise of further updates to come for other exams – such as Advanced Level Test Manager and Expert Level.