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The applications developed by the Hi-Tech Park resident, Apalon Apps, in 2018 were marked as the best by many online stores and publications

On January 21-22, the QATestLab team had a pleasure to visit Pocket Gamer Connects.

Belarusian startups Teslasuit and Flo have become laureates of the Innovation Awards from the organizers of the largest technology exhibition CES.

This year, the High Technology Park opened about 50 new computer classes and IT laboratories throughout the country.


Spring Break in the Hi-Tech Park

The spring break is over, and students are back to school. Some of them did not waste time and spent a day in the Hi-Tech Park to remember their visit for a long time.

About 200 school students visited HTP during the spring break this year. The children learned about Belarus Hi-Tech Park and achievements of its resident-companies, found out what challenges and prospects have those who choose a career in the IT industry, and get advice on educational programs. The students also visited offices of the HTP resident-companies EPAM, System Technologies, and Exadel where they could talk to companies' employees and see how real IT companies work.

In March HTP welcomed students from Minsk, Molodechno, Logoisk, Kalinkovichi, and Novopolotsk.

Traditionally, we took some pictures during the meetings. You can see some of them below.

We invite students to participate in career guidance meetings in the Hi-Tech Park!

The meetings are free and last for 1.5 hours.

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