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The RUSSOFT association is now preparing for a regular annual survey of the Russian software export industry on the results of 2014.

On November 26, a roundtable meeting was held in the Hi-Tech Park, addressing issues of IT education quality improvement and further development of cooperation between the IT industry and IT departments of Belarusian universities as well as the most pressing problems of training for IT specialists and possible solutions.

The association of Russian software development companies RUSSOFT continues to apply the strategy of promoting Russian companies at the client-rich locations.

The world famous app Weather Live developed by the HTP resident-company Apalon – the Top Developer on Google Play – has received two more prestigious awards.

Hungarian Service and Outsourcing Association (HOA), Hungary

Hungarian Service and Outsourcing Association (HOA), Hungary

Hungarian Service and  Outsourcing Association  -   ( is a professional organisation that promotes and supports all the opportunities in the area of Outsourcing. Established by the leading Hungarian and multinational companies in 2004, HOA is located in Infopark Budapest the region‘s most prestigous business center.

The Association does not focus on any single industry as its common organizing principle is outsourcing. We welcome members from any sector, be it logistic, manufacturing, HR, finance or high-tech (e.g. ICT, life sciences) enterprises.

Hungarian Service and Outsourcing Association is the first independent association to promote all the benefits of outsourcing to local and international companies, customers and suppliers also.

Our organization is an effective tool for business players if they are looking for partners or just want to know the legal and investment environment of Hungary. HOA members are customers, suppliers, service providers to support the outsourcing industry and think tanks (universities, R&D centers, research institutes).

Should your company be considering outsourcing, HOA has the expertise and knowledge to link you with reliable Hungarian market players. Through our members you can access companies of different sizes in various industries. HOA also provides an opportunity to set up collaborative efforts that span multiple sectors and facilitate complex outsourcing offers.

HOA establishes a certification system to the local suppliers which helps to select the best partners for your special needs.