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Last week, November 7 to 9, SEETB took part in the international ICT summit SEE-IT in Novi Sad, Serbia.

QATestLab, an independent provider of QA and testing services, together with partners presented the research Future of Mobile Test Automation based on the expertise and opinions of the leading representatives of QA companies and manufacturers of test automation solutions.


In 2017, outsourcing contributed 4.8% to Bulgaria’s GDP, or EUR 2.1 bln. This is identified by the data in the Annual Report of the Bulgarian Outsourcing Association (BOA) for the development of the outsourcing industry in the country. The industry is growing substantially faster than the national economy in 2017.

Another year, another successful edition of the SEETEST conference! For the first time the conference took place in Belgrade, Serbia. 350 participants from 24 countries had the opportunity to enjoy the insightful speakers and talks.

Baltic Outsourcing Association (BOA), Lithuania

Baltic Outsourcing Association (BOA), Lithuania

Baltic Outsourcing Association is the only specialised ITO and BPO trade association in the Baltics. BOA operates as an independent non-for-profit professional advisory body with several mission statements - to increase regional and international competitive abilities through strengthening knowledge value and management competencies in corporate Business Processes; to promote and share best practices, benefits and innovative solutions in outsourcing industry; to promote regional and international networking; to promote outsourcing service delivery capabilities of Baltic enterprises from various industries.

- Association pursues to become leading resource of opportunities for professional leadership, networking and international cooperation for Baltic enterprises, striving for unexceptionable management of successful outsourcing enterprise
- Association pursues every it’s member best avail both globalization opportunities and own business management advantages in order to secure enterprise competitiveness and growth
- Association pursues to be recognized by business society and Governmental structures as effective, sound and dynamic tool for lifting up competitiveness of Baltic economy


  • market education and members training activities
  • promotion and sharing of best practices, benefits and innovative solutions in outsourcing industry
  • development and communication of BOA vision and the main value propositions to both potential Buyers and Providers of ITO and BPO
  • representation the interests of the BOA members’ organizations at the regional and international target markets and target groups
  • promotion of outsourcing service management capabilities of Baltic SME of various industries
  • promotion of regional and international networking
  • increase BOA brand and service value awareness at regional and international scene

BOA operational OBJECTIVES:

  • provision a match between what Western customers want and need, and what Baltic organizations are able to supply
  • business opportunities development
  • provision of integrated assistance through each business establishment process (value creation chain) to both local and international Customers
  • partnering with Baltic SME of various industries

BOA Products:

  • Matchmaking
  • Regional and International Nteworking Activities
  • Training
  • Corporate Hospitality
  • Business information

BOA Business development portfolio:

  • Analysis and Research
  • Strategic and Operational Business Development Solutions
  • Integrated Brand Communication Strategies
  • Legal Services
  • IT Solutions
  • Accounting, Audit & Tax Services
  • Property Valuation & Real Estate Advice
  • Human Resource Support