Last news

Ukrainian HI-Tech Initiative, a leading Ukrainian software development alliance, launches the educational initiative for higher education institutions “Make Digital World a Better Place”.

On December 1-4, 2015, the delegation of RUSSOFT and Russian Venture Company visited Switzerland

The Hi-Tech Park launched a contest for startup companies willing to participate in the HTP business incubation program.

On the 18th of November, 2015, a Polish-Ukrainian Shared Services and Outsourcing Forum will be held in Rzeszow, Poland.

Central and Eastern European Outsourcing Association

Central and Eastern European Outsourcing Association (CEEOA) brings together the Associated bodies of CEE region in a powerful, active and developing association to exchange thought leadership and network to position the Central and Eastern European region as competitive alternative to other global IT and business process outsourcing destinations.
CEEOA strives to become an effective resource of industry knowledge, effective promotional tool, and effective communication channel for service providers allowing them wide range international expansion. Furthermore, our association promotes and shares the best practices, benefits, expert information and research findings, and innovative solutions gained in outsourcing industry from CEE countries.