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Last week, November 7 to 9, SEETB took part in the international ICT summit SEE-IT in Novi Sad, Serbia.

QATestLab, an independent provider of QA and testing services, together with partners presented the research Future of Mobile Test Automation based on the expertise and opinions of the leading representatives of QA companies and manufacturers of test automation solutions.


In 2017, outsourcing contributed 4.8% to Bulgaria’s GDP, or EUR 2.1 bln. This is identified by the data in the Annual Report of the Bulgarian Outsourcing Association (BOA) for the development of the outsourcing industry in the country. The industry is growing substantially faster than the national economy in 2017.

Another year, another successful edition of the SEETEST conference! For the first time the conference took place in Belgrade, Serbia. 350 participants from 24 countries had the opportunity to enjoy the insightful speakers and talks.



Our Mission:
Increase regional and international competitiveness through improving business viabilities and services delivery capabilities of CEE Service providers and sharing of best practices, expert information and research findings, benefits and innovative solutions of outsourcing industry

Our Vision:

  • Association pursues to become leading resource of opportunities for networking and international expansion for CEE service providers
  • Association pursues every it’s member best avail both globalization opportunities and own business management advantages in order to secure enterprise competitiveness and growth
  • Association pursues to increase importance of outsourcing as alternative form of foreign investment and to be recognized by business society and Governmental structures as effective, sound and dynamic tool for increasing competitiveness of CEE region

Objectives (is what we want to achieve):

  • Create, develop and communicate a positive image and main value proposition (-s) of CEE region as competitive alternative to other global IT, business processes and manufacturing outsourcing destinations
  • Improve business viabilities and services delivery capabilities of CEE Service providers through strengthening knowledge value and business management competencies in responding to increased skill premium from buyers side
  • Promote creation and introduction of science-intensive technologies and innovations in Service providers companies
  • Promote outsourcing as a useful management tool for companies ranging from different industries in CEE region
  • Promote a transparent and open business environment, CEE regional and international networking that builds operational value by promising and delivering high quality products and services at fair prices over the time, and by building strong economic, technical and social ties among the members of CEEOA and free competition
  • Encourage each CEE country to increase the level of collaboration between government, companies, and universities to ensure that host country attract international outsourcing services Buyers by giving them economical and legislative incentives

Strategies (is how we intend to achieve):

  • Communication and promotion of positive image and main value proposition (-s) of region of CEE via communication channels armed with the following promotional tools: advertising, PR and publicity, events, and direct marketing
  • Organization of international conferences, forums and fairs in different countries of CEE, and interaction platform between members of CEEOA
  • Creation of a single information flow promoting and sharing the best practices, benefits, expert information and research findings, and innovative solutions in outsourcing industry from CEE
  • Establishment of standardized certification of qualification to measure Service provider’s business viability and outsourcing services delivery capability
  • Establishment of standardized “Certified Outsource/Offshore Project Manager certification” (project management with focus to key differences in managing outsourced/offshore projects)
  • Initiation permanent researches to follow the main indicators of outsourcing market development, political, economic and investment features in CEE countries
  • Development and maintaining of value added relationship network with Associated Outsourcing Industry bodies, Chambers of Trade and Industry, Professional Associations globally
  • Dealing with legislators and Government officials to promote or defeat legislation and regulation