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QATestLab holds a free webinar "Test Automation in Agile Development".

QATestLab carried out a study and composed whitepaper on the future of the sector of companies involved in the development and testing services on time and after the economic crisis caused by COVID-19 pandemic.

QATestLab holds a webinar to empowers customers worldwide to generate maximum revenues from their game products.


Webinar "Test Automation in Agile Development"

To ensure high quality and time-efficient product development, Test Automation in Agile methodology requires a specific approach, knowledge, smooth-running processes, and QA team professional training.

Join the webinar with Yuriy Lukomskiy, QA Automation Engineer from QATestLab and Petar Valkanov, Quality House CTO, and find out all crucial and tricky aspects of the test automation in Agile development such as:

  • When and how to plan test automation
  • Which technologies to use?
  • How to maintain test automation frameworks?
  • What Automation QA engineer should do and what not?

Due to their experience, our experts will discuss the most common mistakes during test automation and share ways of their solution.

Using all these aspects, you can broaden your knowledge and apply it in practice, ease the automation testing process in agile development, and enhance the quality of software products.