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Kraków Calling

krakow calling
In this edition of Kraków Calling we delve into the role of GBS in enhancing the business and its relationship to digital transformation. 
With a focus on the local capability in Kraków, we also examine the unique qualities that women bring to the sector and the challenges they face in terms of professional growth and career advancement.
 GBS: Business Enhancement


  • GBS as a provider of value and innovation
  • Role of GBS in the creation of business strategy
  • Driving digital transformation

GBS in Kraków: Empowering Women

  • Scale, maturity, and large share of women in the industry
  • Qualities women bring to the sector

GBS as a platform: Professional growth and development for women


  • Gender pay gap and equal promotion opportunities
  • Supporting women in career advancement
Measures to continue to support and benefit from the development of women.

The #Krakowianki project is a powerful and dynamic initiative that highlights the important and often overlooked contributions of women in the development of Kraków. Through a range of activities, such as the Kazimiera Bujwidowa award for exceptional women, the “Entrepreneurial Krakowianki” programme, and the “Mistrzynie” campaign for female athletes, this interdisciplinary socio-cultural project promotes women’s advancement in social, artistic, economic and scientific fields. From celebrating the heroines of the city to creating a tourist trail dedicated to them, the Krakowianki project strives to inspire and empower women to reach their full potential.