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QATestLab holds a free webinar "Test Automation in Agile Development".

QATestLab carried out a study and composed whitepaper on the future of the sector of companies involved in the development and testing services on time and after the economic crisis caused by COVID-19 pandemic.

QATestLab holds a webinar to empowers customers worldwide to generate maximum revenues from their game products.


SEETB Is Going Digital in Serbia

Company SEETB

Progress rests on the idea of making processes faster and easier, thus making space for more creative thought and even more innovation. Two years ago, SEETB launched the first digital exams in-house in Bulgaria, using the digital exam administration and conducting tool link.

Now SEETB is expanding digitization in Serbia also – SEETB had their first ISQTB Foundation Level exam conducted on tablets through Exa-MS.
For exam takers this means easier and more comfortable exam-taking, immediate results and the possibility to change a marked answer. Everything went perfect, with much positive feedback.

SEETB is currently working towards offering their ISTQB Advanced Level portfolio in e-exams in Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia.