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Last week, November 7 to 9, SEETB took part in the international ICT summit SEE-IT in Novi Sad, Serbia.

QATestLab, an independent provider of QA and testing services, together with partners presented the research Future of Mobile Test Automation based on the expertise and opinions of the leading representatives of QA companies and manufacturers of test automation solutions.


In 2017, outsourcing contributed 4.8% to Bulgaria’s GDP, or EUR 2.1 bln. This is identified by the data in the Annual Report of the Bulgarian Outsourcing Association (BOA) for the development of the outsourcing industry in the country. The industry is growing substantially faster than the national economy in 2017.

Another year, another successful edition of the SEETEST conference! For the first time the conference took place in Belgrade, Serbia. 350 participants from 24 countries had the opportunity to enjoy the insightful speakers and talks.


QATestLab to Participate in Outsource People 2017 Krakow

On April, 27 - 28, meet QATestLab at International Conference for Service Software Development Business - Outsource People 2017.

Discover how to build and organize effective sales team in the report of our Head of Sales Department Anton Baranovskiy “How to boost your profit: active sales team” on the 27th of April at 11:30. We invite you to visit our expert table, where Anton together with our QA program managers will share the professional experience and answer all of your questions regarding software testing and sales aspects.

Outsource People 2017 is a huge opportunity to increase IT industry knowledge, listen to reports about IT business improvement from international speakers, attract new clients and expand business relations!

We are looking forward to make new acquaintances, meet the industry colleagues to discuss cooperation and potential partnership.

Please, contact us at to arrange a meeting during the conference.